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Frequently asked questions

What's the length of the (single) Q strap?
The current model forms a (approx) 160cm loop (previous batch was 120cm).

Can the Q straps support a professional DSLR kit?
Yes the Q straps are capable of supporting a full kit (i.e. pro body, f2.8 telephoto lens and flashgun). The only exception is when using a tripod fastener we recommend users stick to a conservative combo (i.e. body + walkabout or wide angle lens).

If you still have doubts you can see our 10kg load test

Why can't I fully tighten my L-plate?
Our recent batch of L-plates has a screw thread which is approx 2mm longer than previous batches which is affecting a portion of users. We are currently modifiying all L-plates with washers to eliminate the issue. We are happy to replace/adjust your L-plates if you are affected by this.

Do they fit all cameras/lenses?
All cameras (or lenses) with a standard 1/4" screw thread (virtually all do) can fit a securing L-plate or D-ring for the Q straps to hook onto.

Can the Double Q strap split into two single straps?
Yes the double Q strap can be split into two single straps BUT they are not as long as a regular single strap and if used this way would only be suitable for relatively lightly built people.

How quickly do you ship?
We post every weekday (Mon-Fri), as such items will generally be dispatched within 24hrs. We always use 1st class postage where possible.

How long will it take to arrive?
Within the UK generally 1-2 (working) days from posting. Outside the UK typically 1-2 weeks however a lot depends on the quality/efficiency of your country's postal & customs services. Note to Italian customers, (in our experience) Italy has the least reliable postal service in Europe thus unfortunately delivery can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks.

What if an order doesn't arrive?
Royal Mail consider an item lost after:

  • 15 working days for items sent to a UK address
  • 20 working days for items sent to a EU address
  • 25 working days for items sent to a non-EU address

If after this time you still have not received your order please contact us and we will issue a replacement so you do not lose out.

Can you send via courier or guarantee next day delivery?
We are more than happy to post your order via next day special delivery (UK only) or courier provided you are willing to pay the difference, please email us to arrange it.

Anywhere you won't ship to?
Other than Nigeria (due to the widespread level of fraud) we ship worldwide. We will only ship to the registered address on your paypal account.

Will I be charged VAT/import tax?
Our goods are shipped from the UK, EU customers will not have to worry about any surprise fees. Non-EU customers will have to check with your respective authorities on any import VAT/tariffs applicable to goods arriving from the UK (they must be borne by the buyer).

Do you offer a warranty?
We are happy to replace any (returned) defective straps within 1yr of purchase. Note this only applies to customers who bought directly from this website and the customer is responsible for returning the goods.



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