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How To Use


How To Use The Quick Straps

Fear not, if you are smart enough to loosely understand the concepts of shutter speeds and aperture settings you're more than smart enough to use the Q straps without this guide but here it is none the less for your reference.

1. Attach the L-plate
Fasten the L-plate to your camera/lens, ensure the screw is fully tightened.

2. Wear the strap
Wear the strap and adjust it's length to suit.


4. Hook the carabiner to the L-plate
Hook the carabiner to the L-plate and tighten the securing lock. Ensure when sideways the gate side is at the bottom, this is to ensure the fastener has the smooth side to slide along when you lift up the camera.

Doing the opposite, limits the free movement of the L-plate/fastener when you lift up the camera and introduces the risk of the L-plate/fastener of snagging around the gate and becoming the load baring point (which it is NOT intended for).


5. Bottom adjuster the clip (optional)
On the strap is a clip which you can set, to limit where the carabiner can slide to. This can ensure your camera is better positioned to your trigger hand.

Final note, if you're using the Q strap for a long day remember to periodically check the L-plates are still fully tightened. If the camera has been swinging against your hip it's possible for the twisting motion to loosen the plate over a period of time.


Using Tripod Plates

As the L-plates also feature a female 1/4" thread it's possible to mount a tripod plate to the bottom of them. Note, if you use a ballhead (particularly ones which have a tension system) be mindful that the twisting motion you apply to the camera can loosen the plates, therefore remember to retighten when you unmount the camera from the tripod.


Fail-safe Measures

While we do not consider this necessary, for peace of mind some customers have suggested using a keyring between the rectangular holder and the carabiner as a fail-safe measure.


Double Q Strap

Securing the Double Q strap

Each side of the strap has two adjustable clips (4 total), the rear clips must be clamped down over 2 layers of material to ensure the strap forms a secure loop.


Separating the Double Q strap

The Double Q strap can be separated into two (short) straps.

1. Unclick the front clip.


2. Undo the velcro at the back

Note, these are not as long as the regular single Q strap and thus would only be suitable for lightly built people, please do not buy the double strap if you are solely expecting two cheap regular single Q straps.


Using The Reinforced S&F Strap

1. Attach the D-ring
Simply attach the D-ring to your camera (or large lens), ensure the screw is fully tightened.

2a. Check for friction
Pull against the strap hard and twist anti-clockwise to check for friction. Note the heavier your camera load the harder you should pull to ensure you at least exert equal force to what your camera load will do in field use.

If it is able to freely twist without loosening the D-ring you are safe to use it. if however there is sufficient friction to loosen the D-ring from your camera then as a precaution you should lubricate your D-ring by following 2b.

2b. Lubricate your D-ring
First cover up area around the D-ring with cloth or tissue to ensure no oil goes over the strap. Apply lubrication (such as WD40 spray) between the gap of the top cap of the D-ring (only a little is needed).

Finish off by cleaning away any excess oil over the exterior of the D-ring. Note for a small fee we can pre-lubricate your D-ring for you.

Check again for friction, it should not be possible for you to loosen the D-ring now by pull twisting.




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